Moving House This Summer? Stay Cool with Us

Are you getting ready for your summer house move? Moving during the summer months paints a charming picture of sunlight streaming through windows, muscular arms heaving packing boxes, and cheeky ice cream breaks to counter the British summer.

But let’s think about this. Manoeuvring one’s life from one house to another under the golden sun can get a touch hot. From safeguarding your prized Cadbury hoard against an untimely meltdown during packing, to remaining calm when the removal van‘s air conditioning decides to take a holiday, we’re here to help.

Pull out your sun cream, grab a chilled drink (or a cuppa), and get comfortable. This guide is your trusted companion to ensure your summer house move feels more like a gentle coastal breeze, and less like a hot tropical tempest.

1. Why Move in the Summer?

Summer is a popular time and with good reason. We’ve got longer daylight hours and more sunlight means more time for loading up that van and organising your storage items. Perhaps you’ll still have a moment for a lovely sunset BBQ at the end of the move. Despite the occasional heatwave, the weather generally favours the process of shifting.

Another bonus is avoiding a disruption in the school year and kids can get involved. There’s nothing like playing a game of ‘storage tetris’ with your boxes to bring everyone together!

The real estate market typically heats up during summer by offering a wider selection of houses. Whether you’re upscaling, downsizing, or just seeking a change of scenery, summer can be the ideal time to take that plunge.

2. The Challenge of Summer Moving

Moving during the summer months has many pros but it does come with its own set of challenges. Although we Brits love a good sunbathe, the heat is a significant factor. Moving house in high temperatures can lead to dehydration, fatigue and not to mention the odd sunburn.

Then there’s the question of moving plants. Our leafy friends can find the transit particularly stressful. Heatwaves and lack of water during the moving process can put them at risk.

Additionally, summer being the peak moving season means a higher demand for removal companies. You might find yourself struggling to secure your preferred dates if you don’t book far in advance.

And let’s not forget the ice cream dilemma. One cannot, in good conscience, leave behind any ice cream in the freezer, which results in a compulsory, moving-day ice cream feast. We’re still debating if that’s a challenge or a reward, though.

3. Preparing for the Move

Proper planning is the backbone of any successful move but even more so during the summer. Begin by packing early, prioritising items that are less likely to be affected by the heat. Your book collection can go into boxes ahead of time, while heat-sensitive items like electronics need to be packed closer to the big day.

If you’re moving office, ensure you plan the move to minimise disruption to your business operations. Don’t forget to notify your clients and update your address in advance!

Remember to consider storage solutions for items that might not fit into your new place, or things you won’t immediately need. Having a storage plan ready will alleviate stress and make your moving process much smoother.

4. On the Day of the Move

Be prepared for a whirlwind of activity on moving day and it’s wise to start early to combat the heat. You’ll get a good chunk of work done in the cooler air before the midday sun is at its peak. Make sure to keep yourselves and your ‘man with a van‘ hydrated throughout the process. You need all hands on deck and not wilting in the summer heat!

Wear light and breathable clothing to stay comfortable and cool. Don’t forget a hat or a cap to protect yourself from the sun. It’s essential to keep a first aid kit handy too.

If you’ve got pets or children, ensure they’re safe and cared for during the move. Perhaps arrange a day of fun at a friend’s house or a local park. The last thing you need is a curious toddler or a mischievous spaniel exploring boxes and vans!

5. Settling In

The buzz and busyness of moving house can often leave us feeling a tad unsettled once everything is over. You might experience a fleeting sense of disorientation when walking into an unfamiliar house filled with half-unpacked boxes. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way!

Start by setting up your bedrooms first and have a good night’s sleep. This works wonders for those feeling unsettled after moving house blues. Focus on common areas like the living room and kitchen. The quicker you sort out these spaces, the sooner these spaces start feeling like ‘home’,

Summer affords you the luxury of comfortably exploring your new outdoor space without being hampered by the usual British weather. Light up the barbecue and enjoy your first home-cooked meal in your new abode.

We mention this all of the time in other our blogs but don’t forget to update your address with the necessary authorities and service providers. It’s a mundane task but it’s also a crucial task. Remember broadband providers can take a few weeks to install their equipment to get you back online.

Wrapping Up

It’s important to reflect on our actions and their environmental impact. From gas-guzzling vans to plastic waste, you should consider ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t worry and we’ve got you covered with our eco-friendly move blog.

A summer move can be a challenge but it can also be an exciting adventure. You’ll stay cool and sail through the process with careful planning. What’s a bit of sweat in return for the joy of settling into a new home and basking in the beautiful summer sun?

Embrace the summer, and remember, a sunhat and a sense of humour can make all the difference. If you need further support, don’t hesitate to contact us. After all, moving house is a team effort, and we’re here to be part of your team.