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Modern, large and clean vans are the backbone of any reputable removal company and it’s very important to ensure the vans are in full working order before starting any jobs. This, however, seems to be a growing issue amongst many of Bristol’s so-called top removal companies.  In fact, we’ve lost count of how many removal or man and van companies have called us asking for help when their vans have broken down.

With this in mind, when booking your house, flat or office move with us, you can be assured our vans are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standard. We’ll never leave you stranded with our Luton removal vans, so don’t risk it and choose Macro Removals for a high-quality and reliable service. 

Environmental Responsibility

We’re very conscious about the environment and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. The source of our footprint is our Luton removal vans so we took the time to research which vans have the best engine efficiency, MPG, catalytic converters etc…and we’ve even adapted how we drive. Our drivers are trained to stop idling, change up gears earlier, turn off unneeded electronics, regularly check tyre pressure, drive more smoothly and we always use fuel cleaning agents.

These strategies we’ve put in place are designed to make our Luton removal vans completely eco-friendly. As a vital part of the house and office moving process, we understand our responsibility to make our service as green as possible. From packing materials to transportation, we’ve modified our business to leave a positive environmental impact.

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We employ a number of Luton Removal Vans to safely and efficiently move your items from A to B. Why don’t we use 7.5ton or larger trucks? Aren’t they more efficient? This is a good question and we’ll tell you why we prefer Luton Removal Vans. 85% of our jobs are within Bristol and local residents know that many streets in our city are very narrow with limited parking. For this reason, we find Luton Removal Vans nimble and much easier to navigate compared to trucks. After all, if we can’t get to you, we can’t move you!

The Luton Van load capacity is also quite impressive, meaning we can transport all of your belongings without the need for larger trucks. Not only does this make our service much more efficient, but it also reduces our carbon footprint.

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Luton Van Load Capacity

Luton Van Load Capacity

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We use sturdy and protective equipment when handling removals in Bristol and beyond, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure at all times. The last thing we’d want is to damage any of your possessions, which is why we go above and beyond when it comes to our removals tools.

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