6 Tips To Reduce Moving House Stress in 2021

Many people think that moving home can be as easy as anything but it is not so in reality. You can have a seamless experience moving home if you avoid making these 6 mistakes like not labelling your belongings clearly, using low-quality packing materials, and much more.

Even as 2020 is closing to an end, we should make a promise to ourselves not to repeat the same mistakes we had made the last time. 2021 is a new year, and if you’re planning to move house soon, all the best! Now that 2020 is almost gone, let’s invite 2021 with cheers, happiness, and fewer mistakes! Many people think that you are all sorted once you give over the responsibility to a professional removal company. But those who have gone through the process know that’s not the case. You still have to be actively involved in the process and be aware of what to do and what not to do.

Hiring a home removal company makes life easier for a smooth transition throughout the moving process. If you live somewhere in or near Bristol, please give us a call. Here at Macro Removals, we pride ourselves as one of the best home and office removal companies and we’ll guide you every step of the way. Here are the 6 Tips To Reduce Moving House Stress in 2021.

1. Booking a Removal Company In Advance

While we realise that this might be utterly unintentional at times, it is wise to let a removal company know a month or so before you plan to move out. Don’t inform them just a day or two before or you might end up in a sticky situation where you may not get the professionals to transport your stuff on time, similar to what happened during the Stamp Duty Holiday. Although most removal companies can handle any situation thrown at them, they can’t help if they’re fully booked. The earlier you tell, the better and more organised the move will be for you.

2. Don’t Forget To Label Your Belongings

Don’t ever take this lightly! If you miss label your belongings, you are in for a huge shock. It’s quite natural to forget where you’ve kept your necessities or what you have in each box. We are sure you do not want to get into the treasure hunt game to search for the most basic items such as the kettle and tea bags when arriving at your new home. Being organised while packing is essential for a stress-free day. We highly recommend booking a Packing Service to avoid this mistake and to make sure your belongings are professionally packed. You don’t want to unpack a box full of broken cutlery.

3. Research The Removal Company You Are Hiring

Don’t follow any company blindly. You need to know about the company’s ethos and history before you hire them. Check the company’s reputation online, ask about the company you are hiring from people you know and trust like neighbours, friends, and family members who have used their services. You can also check out the company’s social media or web presence where you can see how they work and what they offer. Make sure you get a quote to match your budget but don’t skip on the high standard of service.

4. Quality Packing Materials

If you’ve used us before, you know we supply high-quality packing materials for our customers and we’ll deliver everything you need free of charge. But if you are going to pack all by yourself, make sure you have already got everything you need or request these items from the removal company. We’ve written a blog about this topic but to quickly recap, items made of glass and other delicate materials should be adequately packed with plenty of bubble wrap and placed in double-walled boxes so that nothing gets damaged during the move.

5. Moving Items Correctly

This sounds obvious but following simple rules such as lifting with your knees or getting help with moving heavy items like ovens or even pianos can save you a world of pain. We can’t stress this enough and getting the professionals to do the heavy lifting will remove the risk of injury, especially on your back.

6. Finalise The Removal Costs Beforehand

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, you should seriously follow this advice. You do not want to end up with a bill that you won’t be able to afford. You need to communicate in clear terms with your chosen removal company and make sure the invoice has a complete breakdown of costs. Why wait for a problem to come up later when you could have solved it then and there? Also, ask if there’s anything you can do yourself to reduce the cost such as dismantling and reassembling the furniture. Most removal companies will take this into account when drawing up their quote. Protect your bank balance by communicating freely and not hesitating to clarify whatever you feel hasn’t been properly explained.

Just be sure to follow all the above pointers to avoid moving house stress and make a checklist. As you step into the New Year, let all the old mistakes stay in the past and embrace your new home with love and happiness, not with the struggles of moving! If you need more information or would like to book an office or house move, please contact us today.

Disclaimer – This blog should only be viewed as a guide. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries, loss of earnings, and death as a result of following this guide.