Removal Company Vs Man and Van

When deciding on which option to choose, it’s important to first understand the differences between a Removal Company and a Man and Van Service.

Removal Company

A Removal Company will generally provide a service that consists of a 2 or more person team who will move your furniture from a house, flat or office without you needing to help. They will also provide Goods in Transit and PL Insurance, their staff will be well trained and experienced, offer a property visit or a video call to assess your items in order to offer an accurate quote, furniture protection, take a deposit to confirm the booking, and on top of this, they will probably have a fancy website.

Man & Van

A Man and Van service, although cheaper (I’ll get to costs later), will provide a very similar service but, in many cases, it will be a watered-down version in comparison. Some of the services you might expect such as Goods in Transit insurance and home or office visits will not come as standard.

Also, a lot of man and van services that we know of in Bristol operate as a one-man team and you might be expected to help move the larger items of furniture. However, it’s still possible they can provide extra staff, just make sure you make this request and not expect it.

Even with this said, it’s easy to think that a cheap man and van will not do a good job compared to a ‘professional’ removal company but what you need to remember it is essentially the same task – loading, driving and unloading – and some even do a great job. They want to provide a professional service to expand their business organically through ‘word-of-mouth’ clients and you can get some real bargains out there.

How To Choose

So now we’ve covered the differences between a man with a van and a removal company, it’s now time to decide which option is best for you. We’ve devised some questions and answers to help you choose.

1. Do you have a lot of items to move including large pieces of furniture that need dismantling and reassembling? (When we say a lot, we mean 2 bedroom flat or house and above) Yes – Removal Company. Their staff will be experienced to deal with many different types of furniture and also physically fit enough for a full day of heavy lifting, especially when there are stairs involved.

2. Do you need Goods In Transit Insurance? Yes – Removal Company. However, some man and van services also provide insurance but you should ask to view their documents to be sure.

3. Regardless of how much there’s to move, are you willing to help move your items to save money? Yes – Man and Van. Please note that you should be in good health (think about your back) and be willing to do a days labour. It’s a tough job and carrying heavy items up and downstairs.

4. Do you need a packing service? Yes – Removal Company. Most Removal Companies will offer this service and it’s extremely popular for people with busy schedules. It allows you to get on with your daily tasks and if you have a family, we strongly recommend this option and most of the time this service comes with loaned boxes.

5. Are you planning to self-pack your belongings but you need boxes? Yes – Removal Company. Many Removal Companies will offer loaned boxes when selecting certain services. These boxes are loaned to you before the move but you have to give them back within an agreed time frame. This option can save you money, stress and will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

6. You only have a few items for a quick move? Yes – Man and Van Service. If you only have the contents of a room to move such as a bed, mattress, desk and a few boxes, a man and van will suitable but remember you might be asked to help move the heavier items.

By answering these questions yourself, you will now have a better understanding of which option is best for you and it’s time to figure out the costs.

Removal Costs

By now you’re probably thinking a removal company will charge more than a man with a van and that’s correct. From what has been explained earlier in the blog, removal companies can provide a more inclusive package compared to a man and van but that’s not the only reason that makes them more expensive, it’s also their business running costs.

These types of companies have overheads such as an office, staff on salaries, maintaining a large fleet of Luton vans or trucks and maybe running a storage facility. A man and van, however, doesn’t have these extra expenses to worry about and is, therefore, able to keep their costs down in comparison.

There’s a classic saying ‘Pay Peanuts and Get Monkeys’. This saying can be applied to any industry but it’s definitely a running theme within the man and van and removal industry in Bristol. For example, if you’re offered a ridiculously good quote for moving your home or office you must bear in mind that the person or company offering that quote did so to fill their calendar until a better job comes along and after they’re offered better-paid work, you’re expendable.

Trust us, it’s a horrible situation getting a text from whoever you’ve booked giving you a sorry excuse of why they can’t conduct your move, especially if you receive that text the night before or worse, on the day. With this in mind, shop around and don’t always go for the cheapest quote. In the days of digital marketing, reviews are a significant factor in helping people who to pick for their move and don’t just look at the Google reviews or Removal Reviews, you should also search their social media pages and online review websites. Trust what former customers have said!

As for telling you how much you should pay on average for your move, it’s like telling you how long is a piece of string. To find out costs, search online or in local papers for suitable companies and see what they offer and how much they charge.

Rounding Up

Now that you know the fundamental differences between both options, I hope this blog gives you a better understanding of what type of service works best for you. In a nutshell, if you have a bedroom worth of stuff and maybe up to a 1 bed flat, a man and van is probably your best option but if you have more than that including dismantling and reassembling furniture, we strongly recommend choosing a removal company (hopefully us!).

If you have any questions or require house removal, packing, or man and van services in Bristol (yes, we offer everything), please feel free to contact us at Macro Removals.